Occupational Health Problems associated with Shrimp Culture

The study was carried out in the southwestern part of Bangladesh to explore the environmental and occupational health problems associated with shrimp culture. During 1980s, there was a trend developed in that area to cultivate shrimp by holding and using saline water for long.

Local endeavor creates some initial employments and some associated business opportunities. Traditional livelihoods pattern replaces with exotic livelihood patterns. And boosted export earnings in the country but seems to have long term impact on the environment and health.


Study supported by Ministry of Science, Technology and Information & Communication Technology, the Government of Bangladesh in 2005. The major findings related to the objectives of the study are

  1. Gradually diminishing biodiversity, to some extend at a significant level
  2. Decreased agricultural production
  3. Scarcity of pure drinking water
  4. Women and children are more vulnerable to health hazards
  5. They face new types of health problems        


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